What is Cell Phone Spy Software?

What is Cell Phone Spy Software and What it is capable of?

what is spy phone softwareSpy software can be defined as, any software program which has the capability to monitor live activities of a cell phone in any way possible. It is being called with different names by different people such as spy phone software or cell phone monitoring software, etc.

Most of the people have already heard about this type of software but the problem is they have never tried to learn about them. This is the reason why they don’t know how to hack someones facebook messages with facebook spy tool. When they are told about its capability, they are completely shocked to see how software can manage to gain so much information from a cell phone with letting the user know about it.

You will also be quite shocked to hear that selling of this software is completely legal. You can read about the legal restriction here. Although, you will have to use the software in legal boundaries in order to properly use it without facing any kind of law.

In most cases, you must have heard the word of Spy software, but as it is a legal software monitoring software will be a better name. Use of the term spy software is widespread, but monitoring software is a more accurate description when it is used for legal purposes. When the first software programs came out they were advertised with headlines like catch a cheating spouse, what is cell phone spy software spy on your husband and spy on your EX? Thankfully the better companies have moved on.

When such softwares were first released there main focus was to help spouses know the truth. At the start, it was advertised under headlines such as catch a cheating spouse, spy on your husband and spy on your EX, etc. However, they quickly found out that they are marketing the software in a wrong way and also for a wrong reason and most of the companies moved on. Currently, all the companies focus on using the software for monitoring phone activities of your kids and company employees.

What Spy software can do?

what spy software can doUsing the most advanced software in the market a person can easily see all the activities of a cell phone in real-time while sitting anywhere in the world. However, it should be noted that this software only works with phones that support internet i.e. Smartphones. It is impossible to monitor old phones which have no access to the internet and they are completely safe for any kind of monitoring software.

Another thing which you should keep in mind before buying any of the spy software is Phone compatibility. All spying software in the market has different demands and can only work on supported cell phones and operating systems. If you like to learn about it more you can learn from here.

Currently, many Advanced spying softwares and reputable companies have started supporting iPad and Android tablets which mean you now also monitor these devices just like smartphones. This is quite a big advancement as tablets are becoming quite famous and are now being used in same quantity as Smartphones. This means target user could also have used tablets to protect themselves from such software. Fortunately, many reputable companies have started supporting tablets so it becomes quite important to buy software from these companies in order to have full control.

When it comes to basic features all major companies offer these features

Text message monitoring:

Hack text messages remotely including all SMS messages sent and received on the target phone can easily be accessed now, right from the control panel to read its content and also view their time and date stamps.

Call Logs:

you can have full access to the call logs of a specific phone and see who they called and from where they received calls. You will also be able to see all phone numbers of the target phone and check out the date and time when a call was made or received.

Browsing History:

You will be able to see complete browsing history of the phone which is being targeted. You will be able to see the history with time and date stamps.

E-mail Tracking:

Most spy softwares also support the full email monitoring feature in which you can see all the content of the email and other details such as the name of Sender, Receiver and date and time, etc.

GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking is very accurate and you can see where the current phone owner is going on a detailed map. You will be able to see which route they took to reach that destination and also the history of where they were.

All files stored on the phone:

you can see pretty much all personal stored data on the phone using spy software including Photos, videos, calendar entries, and contacts. You will be able to see all hidden files also in an easy manner right from the control panel.

All above-mentioned features are just basic features which most of the monitoring softwares offer at their basic packages. However, the fun comes when we look at the advanced features which some software don’t even have and only the reputable offer such amazing features, of course, they also come at an extra cost.

The competition is really strong between major spy software providers and they are always coming up with new features and more advanced monitoring capabilities to win over their customers. You should check out my mSpy, Mobile Spy and StealthGenie reviews for more details on advanced features they provide.

Advanced Spying features that you should expect include:

Monitoring Messaging service:

You can easily monitor activities on messaging services like iMessage, WhatsApp, BB Messenger, Viber and pretty much all other such services.

Social media monitoring:

Some packages from these spy software programs include having full access to all social media activities done by the target user through their phone, it includes popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Call recording:

As the name suggests, you can have full access to their calls in real-time and also record them for evidence. It includes all calls made or received by the target phone.

Phone surrounding recording:

When this feature has activated the microphone of the phone is activated without the target phone user finding out and all of the surrounding sounds can easily be heard – like a remote bug.

Remote Control:

You can remotely control some features of the phone using some top spy programs. This is quite a powerful feature. You have the ability to lock or unlock the phone, pause or start the Spy app and even complete delete all of the data inside the phone.

See and control apps:

You will access to all of their apps to see what they have been downloading and also block apps which you don’t want them to use.

Trigger alerts:

You can set up specific numbers or words as a trigger, so when the user calls those numbers or uses them in messaging an alert will be sent to you via email or text.

Mentioned above are just few of the features available by these spy softwares, there are still many to explore. The market is also always on the move, every now and then smartphones are releasing and with them new features and technology are being introduced. So these spy companies are also always ready to react to the changes and develop new solutions to monitor new phones with full access.

I am sure now you know what these Spy Softwares are and what they can do for you, so it’s time to dig a little deeper.

You should check out my guide to Cell Phone Spy Software for full detail on these programs.

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