How to Track Your Lost iPhone or iPad?? 2021 Easy & Detailed Guide

Oh so you got the opportunity to get your hands on the latest i-phone…! And what if it got lost or stolen?? Shortest horror story right..! With so much data stored and compiled in such a petite gadget, which ofcourse serves no less than a computer for today’s generation, it’s really important to keep it safe and sound or for the least, do all the precautionary measures.

how to track an iphone

So with iPhone being in so much trend, people are literally crazy over the newest additions. And although the company has left no stone unturned for the safe keeping of your precious gadgets it’s still very much a chance that the human owner may go careless over the minor details, which in turn, would cost him in the near future.

iPhone Tracking Apps

So coming back to the issue, How to track your lost iPhone or iPad without a tracking app. But first, let’s just get clear of the term ‘tracking apps’. Tracking apps are basically tools which tracks the location of a smart phone.

And what to do if you don’t have one installed on your iPhone already? Well then, the good news is that the iOS operating system offers a plenty lot of smartphone tracking apps for you to try out.

Yet again, many of us go overboard with the iPhone excitement and the rush of newer installments that the necessity of having a tracking app gets lost somewhere. So does that mean that your lost iPhone would never be found again? Wrong! That’s the very reason we’re here with a set of guiding pathways. In order to lead you towards finding that lost iPhone or iPad.

How to Track Your Lost iPhone or iPad Without a Tracking App

Now there are several other ways you can actually detect the location of your lost iPhone. We are disclosing them here, so make sure that you read them soundly.

PLAN A:  Go For iCloud


  • So now everybody has their AppleID details right? So it’s time that you make use of it. Log in to the iCloud service via, to find the location of your desired smart phone. Later just go through the process and get yourself signed in.

icloud account

  • Now with that’s been done, next up is that you search for the icon which reads “Find My iPhone”. Once you have your eyes set on that, don’t hesitate, just click. An interface would pop up, which would most likely be consisting of a map.

  • Go for the ‘All devices drop down menu’ and look up for your device. Once you have spotted it, all you have to do further is to simply ‘select’ it.

  • Once the desired device is selected, the tracking starts. Now the least you can do is to remain patient while your device is being located. Sooner, the location of your device would pop up on the map.

Now after it’s tracked, there are several steps you can take to get your hands back on your smart phone. And those are discussed below.


Once the device is located, you can literally send signals to your iPhone which ultimately causes it to ring. And if it’s somewhere in your workspace then you can identify, otherwise go for the second option.

  1. ERASING all your data

Second option can be to erase all the possible data that is stored on your phone. But this should be least favored or when you are out of all other possible options. And also once you have decided to go for this option, you’ll no longer be able to locate your phone any longer, to say the least.

  1. iPhone lost mode

 Next comes the activation of lost mode. After its activation, your device will get locked with a password and a message of your will along with any emergency contact number would be sent to your device in hope that if someone finds it, they may be able to return it.

One drawback to this service is that, your device must be connected to any mobile data source or Wi-Fi connection, otherwise it’ll not work. Contrary, you may get a notification when your device gets connected to any network.


Google Location History to find your iPhone/ipad

 In case you didn’t know, once you installed it on your phone, Google map tracks always gather the data for improvement of their services. All you have to do is to just log in to your Google Map services and look for the tracking interface. It’ll do all the observations and at the end would generate a pattern for the activity related to your smart phone.



That’s another step for sure. So, if your gadget gets lost or stolen, then report it to the local law enforcement as soon. With their help, you might get the serial number of your device.


So what if your device really gets stolen? Wouldn’t the other party know that you’re searching for the device! Well here are some smart ways that could be utilized so that the other person would not come to know.

how to track without them knowing

  • You can make use of the spy tracking app. With the help of this, you can get access to phones location and geographic area, without the person actually knowing. But the condition to this is that you should have had this app prior installed on your smart phone.

  • Second option is to locate the stolen or misplaced iPhone with the help of the phone number. Since the number has all the identifying information Get the “find my phone” app installed on someone else’s iPhone and just dial in the number and you’ll hopefully be able to spot the places where your phone might have been fooling around.


These tips and app can also be used to track down someone else’s iPhone whenever and where ever you want it to be. Just keep in mind that you must be using it for healthy purposes.

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