SNAPCHAT Usage Guide For Your Loving Kids

SNAPCHAT Usage Guide For Your Loving Kids
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Social media…the fastest shortest way to communicate yourself to the world outside. As the planet earth is becoming a global village, those days are not far, when technology will rule the world. Every day a new software is being uploaded on the face of the earth, and people go crazy over it. And the ratio of users found highest on these sites is none other than the teenagers.


how you snap ?

Amongst the hottest trends of social sites, snapchat is found to be on the top! This messaging app allows an individual to not only send texts to one another but also allows its users to upload and share their snaps with the whole world!

Its different side is that whatever the visual aids are used to communicate with your friends gets automatically deleted after several seconds.

It’s like moments are passing by, and one is only there to observe…! That’s the beauty of SnapChat!




While most of the youngsters may find this interesting and safer, that their sent pics and messages get deleted after a while, but the truth is, the danger still exists!

With the given feature of the screenshot, anyone can take the copy of uploaded picture and then misuse it at their own will. Since there is no clear option to ‘save’ the images, screenshots are always an option.

Further, most of the Android devices are rooted, and so the other person can easily record anything off of their screens. So, no matter what the video you send to the other party thinking that it would get automatically removed, you need to think again!

Snapchat tries to solve this privacy issue by just informing the concerned person that a screenshot has been taken of their images. And then it’s up to the user to tackle and handle the issue because there is no guarantee of the other person that they would delete the screenshot!

And even screenshot is not the only way to save someone’s uploaded picture. The picture or video can easily be recorded through another phone’s camera quite quickly.




With the generation gap increasing day by day, it’s imperative for the parents to take their children into consideration. It’s obviously the job of a parent to tell their young ones that what is ethically right and what is not!

There’s a dire need for today’s generation to be aware of harassers at any given moment. But apparently, a child can never spot one until or unless he or she is properly counseled upon it.

The fact of refraining from sending any inappropriate content to anyone must be channeled appropriately and clearly to a child, so that they may remain safe from any blackmailing or harassment.

                          GETTING HOLD OF THE SCENARIO


After all the talking and advising to a child, if a parent still has any doubts, then there are monitoring applications available in the market to save your sinking ships!

Applications like mspy can save you from tons of worrying and tiring efforts to get a peek in your child’s like. Mspy can help you monitor numerous aspects of your child’s smartphone activity, while you can sit at home and get all the details.

Apart from everything, there is a cost for each act done. And while these social sites may be a fun way to interact and pass some time, precautions should always be the first priority! And it’s now up to parents to figure out a way to deliver the appropriate ways of using these media sites so that their children would remain safe from any unpleasant incidents!

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