How to root your Android Phones?

The Android phones do offer several limitations for the users starting from the applications that you can’t uninstall them due to their non-usability, but due to their integration issue with the carrier plans you cannot do anything about it. This issue is confronted by many users and the worst part is that they can’t do anything about it too. But now we have a solution for you and that is Kingo.

kingo root review

Users usually want to get their android phone rooted and the process is quite simple to get through it. The Kingoapp is quite easy to integrate and will take just a few steps from your side to implement the same through your mobile. As the application is quite user-friendly, robust and has been very much easy to learn about how does King Root works.


As like other applications, the Kingo also has its limitations as it can be used on the computers based on the Windows only and can work with the number of Android devices and the detailed list of manufacturers can be seen through their website. Some of the mobiles that are included in the list are Motorola, Sony, Nexus, Google, Samsung etc, but before you start using the application you need to confirm that the manufacturer of your device should be on the list that is mentioned on the respective website.

Before you start rooting your mobile, do check the prerequisites for the same as they are mentioned below:

  • The Android mobile phone should be on
  • The battery of the mobile phone should be at least 50%, more the better
  • Internet connection and accessibility is mandatory
  • A USB cable that you must have received with the phone from the manufacturer is compulsory too.

The Kingo application is designed on a user-friendly model and can be operated as one click rooting experience and the steps are quite simple too. We have mentioned various steps to start with rooting your android mobile.

How to root your Android phone:

Step 1: Download the application and Install: The application is free for its users; you can visit the official website, and king root download can be initiated on your computer. The computer which is suing should have the internet connection and once you are done through the downloading then you can install the same.

kingo root download

Step 2: Connect with USB cable: Once an installation is complete you can connect your Android phone with the USB cable.

Step 3: USB Debugging Mode: The different manufacturers do have different modes, but you should know that the USB Debugging mode should be activated for you once you start rooting your device. You can also go through the link posted below to see that the function is enabled for you or not

Step 4: Notifications:  Once the process of rooting starts you start receiving notification about the issues that your device can face due to rooting, don’t worry as you are in safe hands now.

Step 5: Finish: Once you install the application, then you need to restart your device after pressing the finish button.


But why you should root your mobile?


The manufacturers and carriers do make a space in your mobile that is quite limited in its accessibility, and if you are looking forward to installing your application which you would like to use in your mobile, every time you run out of space which is not fair. As the Android phones already come loaded with the pre-installed application that the customization is left with little scope only.

Once you have rooted your android phone you will find that the speed has enhanced from the previous level and as you can now have only those applications that you like to use it will make you really happy that you have it. With the rooting, you do not need to deal with the useless advertisements and features that were there in your mobile but you hardly use them. You can also go through the kingo root reviews posted by the users on various platforms.

With Kingo you do not need to be a master in computers as you can now get your mobile rooted in a few clicks only.  So, we wish that you avail the Kingo, application and start using your mobile as you please. GOODLUCK!!!

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