Monitor Your Children’s Snapchat with Snap Spy App

Whats The Need For SnapChat Spy App ?

how to spy on someones snapchat

If you are a parent to teenagers, you will be well aware of the latest social media application that is taking the world by storm. Snapchat is the millennial’s answer to picture sharing without someone else storing the photos permanently. However, this is sadly not the case since the receiver can screenshot photos – a feature taken lightly by kids.

Why is Snapchat such a big deal?

Snapchat offers a variety of features which differentiate it from other apps. Such attractive features include:

1. Its filters

Every time you see your child making weird faces in front of his/her phone, this feature is the culprit. The chances are that your child is busy enacting a dog, bee, or squirrel.

2. Disappearing Snaps

Snapchat allows you to send snaps without having them permanently stored in someone else’s phone. Ask your children, and they will tell you that via Snapchat, it is easier to send embarrassing photos to your friends without them having it forever.

3. Notification of Screenshot

Whenever someone takes a screenshot of your story, photo or chat, Snapchat notifies you. However, what good this notification does except tell you who not to trust once the damage has been done is beyond me.

4. Celebrity Stories

Snapchat’s story feature has not been well received by celebrities who use it as a medium to communicate with their fans. Whether it is Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato or Ellen DeGeneres, all the big names are on Snapchat, ready to give you a glimpse of their lives, which teenagers thoroughly enjoy.

Problems of Snapchat

Being a parent, I know for a fact that it is harder to monitor your children’s Snapchat than their Facebook accounts. It is not merely a profile where you can see what your child posts and who your child’s friends are. With Snapchat, you don’t know what your child is sending to people and you don’t know who can see their stories.

To ensure your child’s safety, it is important to keep tabs on their social media activities. However, Snapchat is very stealthy in this matter. Therefore, it is important for you to know how it works and how to monitor it.

How does Snapchat work?

While everyone knows about Snapchat, many of us are not aware of the intricate details of how it works. In the world we live in today, it is critical for us to know how it works so that we can keep track of our children.

how snapchat work

Snapchat allows you to send pictures, videos, and chats to individual contacts and groups or upload it on a feature called “Story.”

A Guide to a Teenager’s use of Snapchat

Do you wish to send pictures on Snapchat? Here is what you should do.

  1. Take a picture with or without filters (preferably without since the world needs you to be a human and not a dog or a cat).
  2. Add a message describing the picture.
  3. Decide how long you want the picture to be seen by your friends.
  4. Send it to individual contacts or groups.

Do you want to take it one step ahead by sending a video?

  1. Press and hold onto the circle displayed.
  2. Record a video of up to 10 seconds.
  3. Add frames, speed it up, or slow it down.
  4. Attach a message and send.

If you wish to tell your friends about your daily adventures, ranging from what you had for your lunch to your bedtime routine, you can upload photos and videos to your story which can be viewed by your friends for a day before they disappear forever.

How to See Someone’s Snapchats

how to see someones snapchats

You can see someone’s snaps if you add them as a friend. If they have their stories on display for everyone to see, you can see their snaps regardless of whether they add you.

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However, as a parent, you may wonder, what can you do when you wish to spy on Snapchat account of your child? Is Snapchat spy free? Well, it is not, so you can monitor Snapchat legally if your kids use your phone.

One may wonder, does snap spy work? While some of them don’t, those that do work are not free.

With the help available via Snapchat hack tools, you don’t need to google how to hack someones Snapchat pictures anymore. You can use these services to ensure the safety and security of your children.

Snapchat Tracking Apps – The Solution to Your Constant Worry

If you wish to know how to spy on someone’s Snapchat, here is information about two of the best tracking apps available.


mSpy makes monitoring Snapchat a piece of cake. It is the ultimate Snapchat spy. It has over 2 million customers, with most of them being concerned parents. With the help of this service, you can monitor all the activities on Snapchat. Whether it is pictures, chats, or videos, you can access everything your child sends to their friends.

how to hack snapchat with mspy

Not only does this app help you spy on Snapchat, but it also lets you monitor text messages, spy WhatsApp, how to hack into someones facebook and use tinder without facebook. By keeping track of who your children are socializing with, you can ensure that they are not being bullied or are under the wrong influence. On top of such features, mSpy allows you to restrict and block certain websites from your child’s phone and keep track of his/her location via the GPS feature.

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mSpy offers such features for both iPhones and Android at a very affordable price and, therefore, is my favorite Snapchat photo grabber tool. If you wish to have a tool which helps you keep your child safe online from the cyber bullies that prevail, the first step will be to keep track of their online activities. mSpy will provide you the most reliable way to do that. It surely is worth a try.


flexispy snapchat spy

Another great way to steal Snapchats is through this Snapchat photo grabber. Since it only works on iPhones, it is not as ever-reaching as mSpy and, therefore, serves to be my backup plan. Via this app, you can spy Snapchat of your children without them having any clue. It can also help you spy on text messages, calls, passwords, locations and multimedia on your child’s phone.

It also includes a call recording feature which allows you to keep tabs on who your child talks to. Due to this premium feature, FlexiSpy is a little on the pricey side compared to mSpy.


We live in a scary world. Gone are the simpler days when you would know all about the daily happenings in your child’s life. As technology and social media take over, children are becoming more and more recluse and tend to keep their problems to themselves.

Moreover, they don’t fully understand the harm of sending the wrong snap to the wrong person. It is our job as parents to make sure that our kids are safe. Such monitoring applications allow us to do so. The safety of our children is our responsibility, and we have to do what it takes to protect them, even if it means monitoring their activities.

Pick the right service and make sure it is compatible with your phone. Be a Snapchat spy and protect your child.

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