How to install spy software on cell phone remotely?

Every week we keep on getting emails from our clients asking the same questions differently.

“How can I monitor the cell phone by not having any physical access through remote mode only?”

Or “how to install spy software on cell phone remotely”|

Reply is quick and that is a straight NO. As you can’t go forward remotely without having the physical access of your target’s phone. You can monitor your target’s phone remotely by installing the software in their mobile. But once you need to have the physical access it will be impossible for you to go forward without the same.

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We are here talking about does remote cell phone spying work in a feasible manner for you or not. We are not talking about any application that is taken care by hackers or scammers for taking a back door entry or any malware programs. As it is quite unethical to go forward in this manner and it can harm your devices in various ways too. So once you look forward to installing the software in your target device. Then definitely it can be used to make out your personal information. But any other method yes we do not promote.

Even if you get some technical solution for this then too. We would suggest you not to go for the same. As it is illegal and no federal or state authorities provide the permission. To go forward and have the access of the mobile which you are not authorized to use or it’s not your own too.

There are lots of legal ways of using these cell phone spy applications. Like you can use one to track your employee about leaking your information outside or to the competitors. You can also track your stolen mobiles or often get to know about your kid too. As what your children’s are up to. Where they are heading towards below your nose?

So, in all the respects it will be the best solution for you as you need to go forward with the same to know more about them and is a legitimate practice too. You will find that many of the companies promote spy application. And do have a tagline that you can catch your spouse through. Maybe it can be if great use to you. But it is illegal in all the forms to use them for these purposes. So take care of the fact before you get on any trouble.

Lots of companies in the market are boasting about their spy programs which do not require any jailbreaking or the iCloud driven programs. But for the matter of fact, you should know to enable them you need to have the physical access. So that you can enable the iCloud backup too. So it is clear that we can remotely spy but after the physical access only.


Some of the possibilities to get the physical access to your target phone:

remote spyware software

Let’s talk some of the solutions to get the access:

You can borrow the phone from them as your battery is draining out. Take it and install the spy application program on the same. And install the software and start handing the target mobile remote spyware software.

  • You can buy out the similar compatible device for the spy program that you have subscribed. And you can gift them their dream phone. It will help you in getting the access as they will not at all bother about investigating. As they do not have any hint that any such instance can happen to them.

How much time spy applications needs to install in the target device:


There are many platforms and the time frame is different for all. It does depend upon some factors like the speed of internet that you are using and the operating system of your device too. On an average, it takes about 5-25 minutes for operating and successful installation too. Let’s see some of the operating devices and the time frame linked with them too.

  • Non-Rooted Android Phone: For the SpyPhoneOnline mobile it just takes 15 minutes for installations

  • Non-Jailbroken iPhone –Yes only, 10 minutes in which 8 minutes are engaged in for the customization of iCloud and another 2 minutes are required for installing the the mSpy No Jailbreak. And the application is installed successfully on the mobile.

  • Rooted Android Phone – For a Android phone which is already rooted we require only 25 minutes. In which 20 minutes are engaged in rooting the phone while the rest is engaged in Flexispy are consumed in installing successfully the spy application.

  • Jailbroken iPhone – For the jailbroken iPhone it is just 20 minutes. They are broken down to 15 minutes required for jailbreak of iPhone and another 5 minutes required for installation of Mspy .


Some of the FAQs are mentioned below:


Q: I have the phone but don’t know the password of the same. Can I go forward with the installation of the software by any other means?

A: We are very sorry that you need to know the pin to successfully install the application on your target’s phone. Without this, you cannot install the application as remote spying software. And we will not be able to help you out of the same too.

Q : My child have bought a new mobile, before he put his SIM card. Can I install the application into it. Is this possible?

A: Yes, it will as Spy application doesn’t work on the SIM cards. Rather they work on the phone’s inbuilt storage.

Q; For the successful installation on the phone do I need to jailbreak?

A: If you have the Apple Id with the Password then you can install the Mspy no jailbreak solution. As this will help you for hassle free usage of the iPhone.

Q: Rooting of Android phone is necessary before Installing the Spy Application?

A: If you want to spy upon the instant messaging application. Like Facebook spy, WhatsApp spy, snapchat spy etc, then yes, you need to root. Otherwise you can go forward without rooting too with the Android phone.

Q:After the installation of the spy application, It remains hidden from the user?

A: Yes, after the successful installation the application remains hidden from the user.


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