FlexiSpy Reviews – Is it really the most Advanced Spying Software in 2021?


Flexispy– Is it really worth buying Monitoring Software?

Welcome to my latest review for Flexispy, a quite an old program that comes with a totally new approach, which is now ready to dominate the spy software market – Well, at least when it comes to Advanced monitoring features. There must be many questions in your mind – is it reliable, is it worth the money and is it safe to use? I will try my best to provide all the information you require for your next decision, so better read on…

As StealthGenie is now suspended, due to a Legal case filed against the CEO of StealthGenie, I thought it is better to look for some alternatives to provide you with some new options. I have used Flexispy before and it was quite a good experience and it fulfilled all by needs, but still it was quite expensive for what it offered and there were other options which could satisfy too.

Now there have been many changes in the Spy software market recently. Both mSpy and Mobile Spy have withdrawn their recording features and StealthGenie is totally out of the way. Flexispy is now becoming the unique product and now I will tell you more about it later in the Review. Their Premium version is now also available at an affordable price like many other spy software programs.

So, I just bought the latest version of FlexiSpy Extreme using my Credit card to test it out. I am quite surprised to see how much they have improved since the last time I tried them about two years ago.

If you would like to check out their improved website just click here

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 New and improved FlexiSpy

free flexispy app The Website is now more professional looking and with looks, it is also more responsive given it a feel of a premium product. This not just what is new and improved their Control panel is also completely redesigned which controls all of your activities and lets you see all the reports and control the software. So this news is quite good for you as you will have more interaction with the control panel instead of the website.

The Website controls all the first impressions and gives you that professional look that you should trust the company and company offers a reliable product but the real deal is behind the control panel. To tell you the truth, till now I have seen many control panels and Flexispy’s new Control panel is definitely the most user-friendly and well-designed control panel I have seen to date. It is very simple and quick to see the generated reports and the setting up remote commands are also very easy to understand and work with.

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In the past, you sometimes even had to get help from a support representative to provide you instruction on controlling the control panel and using a different advanced feature. However, now it seems even someone with no knowledge of technology could easily use the software and also use its most advanced features like setting up trigger words and phone numbers.

Compatibility with Phones and Devices

With Flexispy you can monitor all android, iOS, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian cell phones and also Tablets as long as you have an internet connection. You just need to make sure that the device has come kind of internet connection like its own data plan or Wi-Fi. The operating system must support the phone or tablet, you can check for compatibility on their website and all Apple devices must be jailbroken first in order to install the software. Here is the list of operating systems supported by Flexispy – I will always keep this list updated according to the changes.

  • Android Phones and Tablets – supported up to version 4.4.3
  • iPhone / Apple Devices – support up to iOS 8.1.1
  • BlackBerry – supported up to version 7.1
  • Nokia Symbian – Anna and Belle based.

It is very important to check features according to each device. As for devices features are limited or provided extra so you need to make sure what features you are getting for your device – for example, only rooted Android devices could use the call recording feature and social media monitoring.

Basic Features

They currently offer two monitoring packages and of course both of them full of advanced features. FlexiSpy Premium comes with standard features and is also comes at quite a competitive price and FlexiSpy Extreme is the main powerhouse full of their amazing features which no one else offers but of course at a bit expensive rate. There is also a quite helpful comparison page right on the website to help you see what you will lack and what you get, so you could me a decision according to it.

Social and Messenger Services

When it comes to the messenger and social media monitoring services Flexispy has the most supported networks. This is actually quite an important feature as today most people actually don’t even use SMS to communicate and instead use these services. Currently, Flexispy covers total 13 services.

Facebook, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Hangouts, WeChat, Skype, SnapChat, Yahoo messenger, iMessage, BB Messenger and BB Pin. Keep checking for new updates as they keep adding new services every now and then. Also, make sure you check that what services your phone supports before buying any of the packages as there is a chance it might not support any of these services. Like, BB Pin will only be available on BlackBerry phones.

Advanced Monitoring Features

does flexispy workThe Extreme version of Flexispy is currently the leader of spy softwares when it comes to features. Flexispy is the only company which offers the following features:

  • Live Call Intercept
  • Call Recording
  • Ambient Recording – phone surroundings

Though all these features were provided by StealthGenie and other android spy apps in the past by now Flexispy is the only one who can actually provide these features. StealthGenie is currently suspended and mSpy and Mobile Spy has stopped providing recording feature due to laws enforced on them. So if you like to use these features for legal purposes you will have to depend on Flexispy. All these companies above mentioned are regulated in the USA and their law prevent them from recording any of such things which is why they can’t provide these features in order to be safe from illegal activities. However, Flexispy is not based in the USA so they won’t have to worry about being shut down my government. But this doesn’t mean that you can use these features for illegal use – Flexispy also stresses a lot on the legal use of these features on their website.

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There is still a chance that these companies will start offering these recording features soon, but for now, Flexispy is your best bet.

How Does Flexispy work?

how does flexispy workWell, Flexispy offers one of the most advanced features so as far as advanced features are concerned, they work quite well and just as they advertise. You need to have good connections in order to use the recording function and also the devices should also be rooted if it is Android. Some people have made complaints that recording of calls is not that good and there are missing areas in the recording, but you should know that poor connection can lead to recording some parts of the call. If you want the best quality to make sure you have a good connection and try using VLC Media Player instead of Windows Media player as it is better than windows media player. This might help listen to the sound clearly with fewer issues.

Call Intercept: Call intercept is quite an advanced feature and also a bit too much when it comes to spying on someone. It can be quite useful for some people who would like to go to extreme limits, but it is important for a phone to support this feature. With this you can use your phone to quietly get in the conversation being done on the target phone just like a conference call, however, you will stay muted and just listen to the call. The target phone must have the option to allow 3 way calling so you will have to check with the carrier if they allow it. This features mostly works for businessmen and few parents, but to tell you the truth, it is a bit too much for me.

Other Features

Most people just focus on really advanced features like recording and Call intercept, but there many other features too which are quite innovative and helpful and actually add real value to the big amount you pay to buy Flexispy.

App Blocking: You can use Flexispy to view all apps which the target user has downloaded to their phone and also block or install them right from the control panel.

Alerts and trigger words: you set up specific trigger words on phone numbers, so when they are used you will be notified via email or Text or even both.

Remotely upgrade and update: You just need to access the target device once physically to install the application and after that, everything will be controlled by your personal user Control Panel. There are many features which can let you control functions of a phone right from the control panel remotely. The functions include updates to the software and upgrade your package from premium to Flexispy Extreme. Furthermore, you can also stop, start or completely remove the device from the phone without accessing the device physically.

Password Cracker: This is a new feature added by Flexispy that comes with the Extreme package of Flexispy. However, it is also sold separately with premium package. It is actually a keylogger but designed for recording information such as passwords, codes and login details which are entered in the device. Once it is installed and activated it will start recording all information. You will be able to see all login information and passwords, to the social media and messenger website the user logged in and it will even record the password used to access the device itself.

Again, in order to use it legally, you will have to make sure you are allowed to have access to such information – Employees and kids only!

Advanced Tracking: the software is able to track the location of the phone in real-time any time you want and will show the location on a detailed map. You can also see the history where the user has been before during a specific time and even see the route they took to reach a specific area. There is also an option to sent boundaries so whenever the target user enters or leaves a specific area you will be immediately notified via email or text. All this is really easy to set up and use due to their change to the control panel design.

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Both available versions of Flexispy offer really unique features and all of them are controlled through a sleek and clean control panel. Let’s see now how much you will have to pay to gain access to these packages.

FlexiSpy Pricing

Both premium and extreme packages are available on short term contracts and yearly subscription.

FlexiSpy Extreme      3 months $199     1 yr – $349   (includes free Password Cracker)

FlexiSpy Premium    1 month $68      3 months $99     and 1 yr – $149

Though there is no basic version, just premium, and extreme version, but even their premium version can compete really well against brands such as MobiStealth, Mobile Spy, and mSpy. The Extreme version is well, you know a bit too extreme! It provides all features which any other spy software offers and also adds some few other features which only Flexispy offers. It is the only software currently that is able to record calls and surroundings and also intercept live calls. Although Extreme version is also very, very expensive as compared to many others. So if you do need these few unique features desperately then you are bound to pay an expensive fee to get it as no other spy software company offers these features. However, you can always use the 3-month subscription offer to try out the software and some money. There is also tiny good news, the price mentioned is the only amount you will have to pay there are no taxes or hidden charges.

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Why go for Flexispy spy Software?

flexispy spy software dashboardThe main reason would obviously be the advanced features it provides in both of its versions. But if you are looking more reasons to convince yourself, then there are also some other good things which I have discovered while using it.

It is completely hidden: They have focused quite a lot on hiding the software in the target phone to make sure the user never even gets a hint that he is being monitored. You can even hide Cydia or SuperUser after jailbreaking iOS or rooting Android device. No recognizable files will be visible to the user in the application list or even in task manager. Flexispy also claims that antivirus won’t be able to flag it, however, I haven’t checked that myself personally but Lookout Security didn’t flag it.

Very User-friendly: most people don’t actually care about this but Flexispy is actually very much user-friendly and even has its own installation wizard to guide customers. Most people find about how user-friendly it is after they purchase and install it. It is quite common for people to get stuck while installing spy software apps, but with Flexispy this will never happen.

Transfer License over different devices and platforms: You can transfer your valid license to any phone with any operating system with Flexispy. Most spying apps only allow transfer between same operating systems. However, with Flexispy you can easily transfer from Android device to any device such as iPhone.

FlexiSpy Review – My Verdict

Without any doubt, I will always recommend Flexispy to anyone. However, you will have to first see what you actually want and what your budget is before making any decision. Currently, there Extreme version provides features that no other spy software offers so if you need recording features then you are bound to buy the Extreme version. It is quite expensive but good things come with a good price!

If you are not in need of advanced features and some standard features will work for you then Flexispy’s premium version and mSpy are options to consider.  Although, they are still providing different features in their packages so please do a quick comparison before deciding.

You can click here to Visit FlexiSpy to see what they got for you!

There is one last thing which you should know of after StealthGenie is suspended, all U.S based companies are now trying their best to comply with law. However, Flexispy is not located in the U.S so there is quite less chance it will ever be shut down. Just make sure you use the Software according to the laws of your country.

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