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Hello there, I am Marilyn and Welcome to my Website. I would just like to tell what is all about.

You must be searching some information on Cell phone spy software and ended up on my website. While searching for these mobile spying apps have you stumbled upon some other such websites? What is your opinion about them?

When you were going through these websites did you manage to gain some knowledge? Were there any guides that help you learn more about what these spy softwares are and how to use them or just learned where to buy the cell phone spying apps. Do you think that these websites were properly updated and maintained regularly – Any comments by people? Real people, of course…

Now the question is, why is it so difficult to find a real spy software website that actually provides some information.

This is the main reason why I created BestCellPhoneSpying, so I will be able to provide a reliable resource to people where they could come and learn a bit about the mobile spy softwares and make a sound decision of buying this software.

When I was new and had no idea what the spying apps are, I was scammed by many so called companies and all mist gave up on the stealth softwares. It was almost impossible to know what actually worked and what didn’t. I wasted a lot of time and money, but I hope you will find some reliable information on this website to make a good decision.

The website is still under development because there is just me without any team or something.

I am going to add much more in the future and will make some improvements too. All I ask is that you take a tour of my website and see how things work for you.

You can compare BestCellPhoneSpying with other websites – It might not seem fancy but it is at least Real!

How can you help?

Well, the best you can do is help me spread the word. If there is something that interests you, just share it on Twitter or Facebook. Also, visit following for more detailed and updated information pages:



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Every little help you provide will help grow this website, so it will be better for everyone.

Thank you for reading,