A New and Updated Review of SpyPhoneOnline

All there are many SpyPhoneOnline Reviews but this one is an updated one and a bit different too. To start with, this review is written by someone who have actually used the software and not just written what saw on the developer’s website. This review will be a part of my cell phone monitoring software review series and this product will act as an alternative to other products such as SpyPhoneTap, MobileSpy, mSpy, and FlaxiSpy. Now, as the StealthGenie is down, I have tested many different types of spying softwares recently and SpyPhoneOnline has worked out quite well.

SpyPhoneOnline Spy Software (Old)

About three years ago, I first used MobiS when I was tasked to install SpyPhoneOnline in the company phones where I work. As compared to that time, the technology is amazingly advanced and SpyPhoneOnline have made quite a progress.

Back then, after using SpyPhoneOnline I was not satisfied and had some issues using the spying

woman on mobile

woman on mobile

software. Although, the software worked but it was full of bugs and the performance was not good enough for me. If I wanted I could have written a review back then but what is the point of writing a review if it is going to be just like others with no value or purpose.

I also had issue with the down time they had with their website which led to be not able to see the logs as the website couldn’t be accessed. Don’t get me started on the marketing tactics they used, “Spy on a cheating spouse” really? However, they were not the only one, all others did the same and some still do it.

Anyway, I was not pleased with everything and gave up on it and opt for MobileSpy, but after StealthGenie when I started looking for alternatives I thought I should give SpyPhoneOnline another chance.

The New SpyPhoneOnline

Before buying any of the software programs it is always advised to first take a full tour of their website to make sure it is reliable. When I checked out SpyPhoneOnline’s new Website I was actually quite impressed, it is clean and also very easy to follow, if a company doesn’t even spends on investing some cash on simple things then there is a good chance they don’t even care about the customers.

The marketing plan has also changed and they have switched to marketing their product as monitoring software for monitoring children and employees. They also have Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus profiles, which means they are genuine and not some kind of scam.

I have also seen that they are now also offering monitoring software for computers. I am also trying to write a review for one these products as well, but offering new products mean they are moving forward and are a progressive company.

Many spy software companies just focus on selling their product and try their best to sell their product as much as possible in one go, they don’t care about improving adding updates because they require money. As these spy softwares are based on technology they cannot stay in one shape forever. Companies need to update them from time to time with new features, support for operating systems, etc. If SpyPhoneOnline would have looked same as it was before I would never even touched it.

I never liked their old web interface but before buying I am still able to see how it works via their Online Demo, a fake account that will let you see how the platform works. Some of these Spy software programs do offer online demo to understand how they will work, this feature is perfect for people who are new and want to know how these software work. Well, SpyPhoneOnline have done quite well and updated how their interface works and now comes with a cleaner interface.

So when it comes to outside look it was all good, but how did it actually performed?

Phone Compatibility

There have been some improvements here. Now almost all major smartphones are supported by them including, iPhone, Android, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. They are competing quite well with other software providers and frequently update operating systems. Currently, they support Android OS 4.4, BlackBerry OS 7 and 7.1.2 for iPhone, you can also checkout their website to see the latest phone compatibility charts. Frequent update to phone compatibility is also a really good indication that the software is being properly developed.

Customer Support

Just like others, SpyPhoneOnline also supports common means of communication like Live chat, email and a U.S postal address. I contacted them to see how good they are and I was quite pleased. They replied to all my queries quite fast with same efficiency both before and after the sale. However, they don’t support any telephone support so this must be their only downside.

When handling such software, support is the most important element as many people require help with downloading and installing such softwares and knowing that there is someone to help you out is quite an ease of mind. The instructions they provided to download and install the software was very clear kind a like many other such softwares and when you buy the product they will send a download link along with complete instructions.  It all seems really easy if you have installed such programs few times before but if you are installing for the first time and don’t have much tech knowledge then it might be a bit confusing, so customer support is important at that time.


The standard reporting features are provided by all top monitoring softwares and of course SpyPhoneOnline also. There are total three different packages offered by SpyPhoneOnline that depend on the operating system of the phone, Lite, Pro and Pro X. The Pro X package is only available for Android users for the time being. I will provide a quick review of what they are offering but it is recommended that you go to their website and see for yourself what they are offering.

Lite: this is the basic package which offers all the standard feature which other top spy software companies also offer and it is also the cheapest package. With this feature you will get SMS text messages, call logs, phone pictures, web browser logs, contacts and GPS tracking. These are good enough to satisfy most customers.

Pro: it comes with more monitoring and reporting features, tracking without GPS, SIM change notification and phone surrounding recording.

Pro X: the Pro X package is only Available for Android phones, this package comes with all the other feature with an addition of call recording feature. Call recording feature is quite rare to get and StealthGenie use to offer in the past. However, for the cost of Pro X this is the only good feature you will get extra so make sure you need It the most and your phone also supports it. With the help of Pro X you will also be able to monitor WhatsApp messaging which is quite new feature.

SpyPhoneOnline Comes with quite amazing feature and the Call recording feature is a stand out. This is an amazing feature and also the most requested feature but at the same time very hard to get it to work. Setting up call recording feature involves many variables that can lead to it not working which makes it good for only certain situations. However, with SpyPhoneOnline you should not worry about losing your money on this feature if it doesn’t work as they provide complete refund of this package if the feature doesn’t work. When I tested this feature it worked great for me but I know for many people it will be a problem.


With these three packages the prices are also different, but they are also quite flexible as there are three length terms too including 3, 6 and 12 months.

Lite    – 3 months   $49.99   – 6 mth    $69.99    – 12 mth   $99.99

Pro    – 3 months    $79.99  – 6 mth    $119.99  – 12 mth   $149.99

Pro X – 3 months    $99.99  – 6 mth    $149.99  – 12 mth   $199.99

When it comes to prices and features they are competing directly with mSpy and MobileSpy. The Lite feature of SpyPhoneOnline comes with same prices as mSpy but mSpy offers some extra features too. When it comes to features Pro and Pro X packages are bit behind as compared to FlexiSpy as there are many other features offered by FlexiSpy. However, SpyPhoneOnline packages are quite cheap as compared to FlexiSpy and also offer Call recording feature which FlexiSpy also offers and charge so much for it.

In the end, SpyPhoneOnline has managed to make quite a good product and good enough to be an alternative for other softwares.

They also offer a 3 day money back guarantee, no questions asked and are willing to extend it to 10 days if you are facing any technical issue.

You can click on this Link to see website of SpyPhoneOnline yourself

Why go for this monitoring Software?

I am really pleased with all the progress SpyPhoneOnline has made in the last three years. The leap they have taken is not easy and from a down low grade software to the one that is competing directly against top monitoring softwares is definitely worth an applaud. The company is looking at long term goals and moving forward with ethical goals and strategies, so it is safe to say they are not a scam.

Is SpyPhoneOnline the Best software you can get? With the most features? No, the product is quite good but has its own incentives and you can say it is a good alternative to FlexiSpy which is the leader of market right now and also mSpy. It’s a good software for people who are looking for a mid range monitoring software and its feature are good enough to satisfy most people. I really loved how easy it was to install and the call recording worked perfectly. They new user control panel is also quite clear and organized. However, it is always better to check it out for yourself.

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